January 2018

Scheme Update

On 22 December 2017 the Department received a legal challenge to its decision to proceed with the scheme. This will unavoidably have delay implications for the construction of Phase 1a (New Buildings to north of Strabane) of the scheme which had been programmed to commence early 2018. 

While the Department will robustly defend its position against this legal challenge, the matter is unlikely to be resolved for a number of months.

In these circumstances the Department does not intend to take immediate and full occupation of the vested lands within Phase 1a. It is, however, its intention to carry out some preliminary activities such as site surveys, the setting out of vesting boundaries and archaeology investigations on sections of these lands. The most significant works will be archaeological investigations which it is programmed will commence in May / June of this year, with sites of greatest archaeological interest being targeted first.

Officials from the Department and its consultants WSP propose to meet with all landowners affected by the Vesting Order for Phase 1a during February and March 2018 to discuss accommodation works and provide any further updates on developments with the scheme.