November 2017

Environmental Statement

The purpose of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process is to gather environmental information which is then used to inform decision making and the scheme design. The EIA is also to ensure that potentially significant effects of environmental impacts that may be associated with the Proposed Scheme 2016 are identified and assessed and that mitigation measures to avoid, reduce or compensate impacts are identified and evaluated.

The resultant assessment and proposed mitigation measures reported and published in the Environmental Statement 2016 form an essential part of the information taken into account by the Department when recommending if the Proposed Scheme 2016 should be approved for implementation.

The Environmental Statement 2016 sets out:

  • details of the Proposed Scheme  
  • the impacts on the surrounding landform and community  
  • the proposals for mitigation of those impacts. 

On Tuesday 16th February 2016 the Department published the Environmental Statement 2016. Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary

Revision A of the Non-Technical Summary was published on Tuesday 18th April 2016. Further information can be found at Publication of Revised Non-Technical Summary