August 2016

On-line Assessment

As determined during the Stage 1 and Stage 2 scheme assessment reports for the A5 WTC scheme, an on-line dual carriageway  was not considered appropriate for a number of reasons including the following:-

  • the number of settlements and accesses along the existing route;
  • the sub-standard nature of the existing A5;
  • the number and nature of existing utilities (water, electricity and telecommunication services, etc.) along the existing route; and
  • safety during construction, in particular given the requirement to maintain traffic flow along the existing A5 corridor.


During and since the previous public inquiries into the project, there have been continued queries raised regarding the need to construct the proposed dual carriageway off-line, that is, predominantly away from the existing A5.

This report has been prepared to provide further evidence to support the conclusion that providing a dual carriageway along the existing A5 corridor is not a realistic proposition in light of the impacts of such a proposal compared to other available options.