October 2016

Public Inquiry

For details of the public inquiry process please go to the PAC website at https://www.pacni.gov.uk/.

Meet the team presenting the case for the Department for Infrastructure - TransportNI at the Public Inquiry.


Seamus Keenan

Seamus is a Principal Engineer with the Strategic Road Improvement Team of TransportNI, Western Division. He is Project Sponsor for the A5WTC with responsibility for the day to day management of the project.  He is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute.  He has worked for TransportNI for over 30 years with wide experience across a range of functions. He was Divisional Traffic Engineer for over 10 years and has been Road Safety Audit Team Leader on a range of major road improvement schemes.  Before joining the A5 team Seamus held the position of Project Manager on a number of major road improvement schemes including A31 Magherafelt Bypass; A32 Cherrymount Link Road; and A32 Shannaragh Realignment.


Peter Edwards

Peter is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, with over 40 years experience in the transport engineering and environment fields primarily on major roads projects, in both the public and private sector. Since joining Mouchel in 1988, he prepared the EIS for the A548 Flint Bypass in North Wales in 1989, and prepared the first EIS written in accordance with Volume 11 of the UK's DMRB (for the A5225 Wigan Hindley and Westhoughton Bypass in North West England) then moved into the project management of EIS's for infrastructure. Since 1996 he has worked on development and transportation projects in Ireland with involvement in a number of projects named within the Regional Transportation Strategy. Peter is currently a Director of Mouchel Ireland Ltd and a Technical Director in the Highways and Design Management Division of Mouchel with responsibility for major transportation projects in Ireland.
Peter has been a member of the Project Delivery Team since the award of the commission in 2007 and is currently the Project Director for the A5WTC scheme with overall responsibility for all aspects of the delivery by Mouchel.

Beverly Walker

Beverley is a recognised EIA practitioner with over 28 years EIA environmental consulting experience, who has been actively involved in the Water, Transport, Urban Planning, Major Infrastructure and Renewable Energy sectors in both Australia and in the UK and Europe. Since leaving Australia in 2000, Beverley initially worked with government bodies in the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland, particularly with regard to the effects of EU Directives on the then UK legislation, including the development of public consultation mechanisms and the implications of both the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the SEA Directive on planning and planning authorities. Within the UK, she has worked extensively with linear infrastructure EIA projects (roads and grid connections), both onshore and offshore Renewable Energy Projects and EIA developments for a variety of projects. Beverley has acted as EIA Auditor for controversial EIA projects, and has appeared as expert witness for EIA projects in Scotland, Wales and England, providing evidence on the robustness of the EIA process, as well as the use of mitigation by design as a key factor in proportionality decisions and practice.  Beverley has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law focusing on UK Law, with particular emphasis on the implications of planning reform and differences between England, Scotland and other European countries, in terms of the consenting process for major infrastructure projects.
The EIA for the A5WTC was undertaken by Mouchel Ltd.  Beverley is engaged as an independent consultant to review the EIA process, provide support in addressing public submissions and act as Expert Witness for the Public Inquiry.

Steven Wood

Steven is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics and a Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.  He has over 30 years’ experience in transport planning working in both the public and private sector.  Steven has significant experience in the development and application of both strategic and local transport models for scheme development, design, operational assessment and economic appraisal for numerous transport infrastructure and development projects.  These have included assessing the highways and operational impacts of major land use developments, new road schemes, traffic management schemes and local road improvements.  Since 1982 he has been involved in the modelling and economic appraisal of a number of strategic highways projects.  These have included the A14: M1-A1 Link Road, M40 Waterstock to Wendlebury, improvements to the A40 Trunk Road to the east of Oxford and the A406 South Woodford to Barking Relief Road.
Steven is currently Technical Director in the Transport Planning Division of Mouchel and leads the Transport Modelling and Appraisal Team.  In this role he is responsible for overseeing all modelling and economic appraisal activities for a variety of projects.  These have included A3 Guildford Bypass for Highways England and a number of schemes for Local Authority clients including Dorset and Shropshire.
Since joining Mouchel in May 2013, Steven has been responsible for providing the technical leadership for the A5 WTC project in the specific areas of data collection, traffic model development and validation, forecasting procedures and operational and economic appraisal.

Stuart Ireland

Stuart Ireland is a Chartered Environmentalist and a full member of the Chartered Institution of Ecology and Environmental Management. He has over 20 years post-graduate experience in the environment field working in charity, public and private sectors, and since 2000, has written the ecological impact assessments for EIA’s of numerous roads and infrastructure projects in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Stuart has worked for Mouchel since 2008 and is currently a Technical Manager in the Ecology Team of the Environment and Development Division with responsibility for ecological assessments throughout the UK. He has previously appeared as expert witness for ecology for the Saddlers Farm Junction improvement scheme in Essex, England.
Stuart is Ecology Lead on the A5WTC project and has been a member of the Project Team since 2008, working closely with the client, statutory consultees proposed contractors and the Highways and Drainage design teams to developing ecological survey requirements, undertake the impact assessments and ensure ecological mitigation is integrated into the developing design.

Jon Simmons

Jon Simmons is a senior Chartered Landscape Architect with over 27 years experience in terms of Landscape Design and LVIA (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment) over a wide range of project types in both the public and private sectors.  He was responsible for writing the Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) for Ross and Cromarty as part of Scottish Natural Heritage's LCA coverage of Scotland, and has been Landscape Lead for a number of high profile roads projects, most recently being project director for the landscape elements of the Queensferry Crossing, the new bridge over the River Forth, Scotland. Jon has acted as expert witness at a number of public inquiries including giving evidence on landscape and visual issues for the new ferry terminal at Cairnryan.
The LVIA for the A5WTC project was undertaken by Mouchel.  Jon was appointed to provide an independent peer review of the Chapter, including site visits and verification of the impact assessment conclusions and to present this information to the Inquiry as Expert Witness

Aiden Hackett

Aidan Hackett is Chartered with Engineers Ireland, having over 18 years’ experience in Engineering; 13 of which have involved infrastructure, hydraulic / flooding assessment and drainage design projects for a range of private and public sector clients. Prior to completing an MSc and Doctorate in Engineering at Queens University Belfast, he worked with a Civil Engineering Contractor on schemes in Ireland and the UK.  As Divisional Manager of the Mouchel Water Team, Aidan has overall responsibility for the water, drainage and flooding projects delivered through Mouchel’s Irish offices.
Since 2007 Aidan has been responsible for all flooding and drainage staff working on A5 WTC, with responsibility for co-ordinating the activities of the various hydraulic modelling and drainage engineering teams, liaising with TransportNI and Rivers Agency on technical issues.
He has co-ordinated development of the Flood Risk Assessment for A5WTC, managing the drainage and flood mitigation design throughout the duration of the Project.

Stuart Bone

Stuart Bone is a Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Water and Environmental Manager with over 16 years’ experience, in both the public and private sector.  Stuart has been with Mouchel since 2005 providing environmental impact assessment on highways and energy projects. He is currently Discipline Leader for Hydrology and Water Quality in Mouchel, with responsibility for leading these elements of infrastructure projects across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Stuart has been involved with the A5WTC since 2010, and from 2014 has led the Road Drainage and Water Environment elements of the Scheme. He prepared Chapter 16; Road Drainage and Water Environment for the ES and his other responsibilities have included providing technical leadership in the water environment, liaising with other team specialists (eg ecology, drainage, flood risk), coordinating and reviewing specialist input, and liaison with NIEA.

Sally Hales

Sally Hales is a Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, having achieved Chartered status in 2003. She has approximately 20 years’ experience working as a heritage consultant on a broad range of public and private sector projects, primarily major roads projects. Her work has involved the preparation of archaeological and cultural heritage desk based assessments, input to Environmental Statements, design of archaeological fieldwork and mitigation strategies, preparation of Written Schemes of Investigation for intrusive and non-intrusive archaeological investigations and management of on-site archaeological investigations. Sally has worked for Mouchel since 2009 as Principal Archaeology Consultant and Discipline Lead where she has been the heritage project manager for a number of projects in Northern Ireland including the A31 Magherafelt Bypass and Strathroy Link Road.
Sally has been the cultural heritage technical lead for the A5WTC project since November 2012 with responsibility for leading the team of cultural heritage specialists, managing the revised archaeology and cultural heritage Environmental Statement chapter published in Feb 2016, and management of the archaeological investigations within Sections 1 and 3 which took place between March and June 2013.

Damin Pawson

Damian Pawson is air quality specialist with over 10 years’ experience in undertaking detailed air quality impact assessments for a broad range of projects including roads and major infrastructure projects in the UK, Middle East, and Australia.  Assessments have required consideration of emissions at both construction and operation phases and have included the quantitative modelling of vehicle exhaust emissions and associated potential impacts on air quality within the given study area.
Damian joined Mouchel as a Principal Air Quality Consultant in March 2015, and since early 2016 has been involved on the A5WTC Project, working as the air quality discipline lead.

Dani Fiumicelli

Daniel (Dani) Fiumicelli is a full member of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Officers (CIEH), and a member of the IoA Environmental Noise Committee. He has over 30 years experience in all technical aspects related to acoustics and has managed numerous projects as well as presenting evidence at planning committees and appeals, legal proceedings, public inquiries and House of Commons and Scottish Parliament Scrutiny Committees.  He has presented technical papers and written articles nationally and internationally on noise and acoustics covering a wide range of aspects.
Dani has been involved in the EIA of major road and infrastructure projects since 2002 which in Northern Ireland includes the A2 Buncana Road Improvement and A32 Realignment schemes.  Typically these projects included prediction and assessment of construction noise and vibration, the modelling of road traffic noise, DMRB and WEBTAG environmental noise and vibration assessments, measurement of baseline noise levels, mitigation design (noise barriers and road surfacing) and drafting ES noise and vibration chapters.  Dani has also been involved in road surface noise testing in order to develop noise action plans to reduce road traffic noise in response to the EU Environmental Noise Directive; and drafted the noise and vibration chapter for the non-statutory ES for the western extension of the London Congestion charging zone.
With regard to the A5WTC project, the ES and accompanying noise and vibration chapter for this scheme has been produced by Mouchel.  Dani was appointed to the project in August 2016 to scrutinise the noise and vibration elements of the ES, review the objections and comments made in regard to the scheme and to provide expert witness services to the inquiry on noise and vibration.

David Towell

David Towell is a Chartered Geologist and a Fellow of the Geological Society of London.  David has over 25 years of post-graduate experience in the design of earthworks and foundations for infrastructure projects, primarily in the road but also in the rail and water sectors.  David has worked for Mouchel since 1989.  He is now a Technical Manager and has been involved in the route planning and detailed design of several road schemes - of differing scales, from local widening to new dual carriageways – both in Northern Ireland and in England.  David is also involvement in the long term management and maintenance of road infrastructure.
On the A5WTC, David leads the geology and geotechnical teams, as well as managing the ground investigation.  He has been involved with the A5WTC since its inception in 2008.  David’s role is to ensure that geological constraints and issues arising from the ground conditions are taken account of in development of the alignment, that these are integrated with the other environmental and engineering issues and that the earthworks are designed to provide a safe and stable platform for the construction of the scheme. David has previously fulfilled similar roles in Northern Ireland on the A1/N1 Newry-Dundalk Link Road scheme, A4 & A5 Improvements Projects and A31 Magherafelt Bypass scheme and attended the public inquiry in to the A31 Magherafelt Bypass as an expert.

Sam Murdoch

Sam Murdock is a Member of the Institution of Engineers and Technologists having achieved Chartered status in 1989. He has over 30 years’ post-graduation experience in the engineering and land services fields primarily on manufacturing and roads projects.  Since 2000, he has worked for Mouchel in support of transportation infrastructure schemes. Sam is a Technical Manager in the Land Services Team of Mouchel with responsibility for providing land referencing, consultation, survey access agreements and Statutory Orders for major transportation projects in the UK and Ireland. He has delivered these services for a number of projects in Northern Ireland including the A4 & A5 Improvements Projects, the A31 Magherafelt Bypass, the A1/N1 Newry-Dundalk Link Road (cross border) Scheme and the Comber Bypass.
Sam has been the Land Services Team Leader for the A5WTC project since 2008 with responsibility for land referencing, public consultation and survey access as well as preparation of the Vesting Order, Direction Order and Stopping-Up of Private Accesses.

Alan McIllmoyle

Alan McIlmoyle has been a member on the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants since 1991, and has  over 40 years post-graduate experience in the agricultural industry, in both the public sector (in agricultural research) and in the commercial sector.  Over the past 10 years, he has worked with various international engineering consultancies commissioned by Road Service, and latterly TransportNI, on numerous dualling schemes throughout Northern Ireland as an independent Agricultural Consultant; to conduct Agricultural Impact Assessments (AIAs) and appear as Expert Witness at subsequent Public Inquiries. Relevant projects include A2 Derry to City of Derry Airport, extention to Ballymena by-pass from M2 to Ballee roundabout, A6 Dungiven by-pass to the Caw roundabout at Derry, A6 Randalstown to Toomebridge and Toombridge to Castledawson, A26 Glarryford junction to Drones Road junction, A8 Ballynure bypass to Larne and the A32 Omagh to Enniskillen realignment.
Dr McIlmoyle has been the Agricultural Consultant on the A5WTC since 2010, which has involved meeting landowners, preparing AIAs, undertaking the impact assessment for the EIA and appearing at the previous Public Inquiry.


David McMillen

David has been involved in a broad range of high profile civil actions. In over seven years as Junior Counsel to the Attorney General he acted for Government Departments and other public bodies in major judicial review applications. These included a broad spectrum of Human Rights issues, from adoption to prisoners’ rights and freedom of the press. David also advised Ministers and Government Departments on the lawfulness of proposed actions and legislation. In addition he acted in many procurement cases of great complexity and very high value. Further he has appeared for public bodies and private clients in a variety of commercial and construction cases. Since taking Silk David has continued to act in these areas for a broader range of clients. His practice has expanded to encompass personal injury actions, particularly those with a high value or particular complexity. David is a qualified mediator having completed the course run by Queen’s University and the Law Society.

Andrew McGuinness

Andrew was called to the Bar in 1998 and his main areas of practice are commercial law, personal injury, planning and professional negligence.  He has represented the project promoter in many public inquiries to include the A8 Inquiry, the York Street Interchange Inquiry and the Sprucefield Park and Ride Inquiry. Andrew was instructed in both the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry and Robert Hamill Inquiry and appeared for the Department of Health in the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry.

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