November 2008

Route Options

A more detailed assessment of the lands within the Preferred Corridor has been undertaken to identify a number of alternative route options which were assessed against the key criteria of Safety, Economics, Environment, Integration and Accessibility.

A series of Public Consultation events will be held in February 2009 presenting the route options currently being considered. Events will take place in Omagh, Ballygawley, Strabane and Londonderry. Details of the venues and dates have been published on the web site, local newspapers,promotional posters in key locations and via a leaflet distribution.

There will be large scale plans on display showing the Preferred Corridor and the proposed alternative route options for the dual carriageway within the corridor. The plans will also highlight the key factors that influenced the choice of the Preferred Corridor and the route options.

Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss proposals on a one to one basis with staff from Roads Service and Mouchel. You will also be able to register your comments by completing a proforma available at the events or on this web site. Feedback from these events will be considered in the development of the Preferred Route.

Whats Next?

The consultation days give you the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed alternative routes.

It is anticipated that, in the summer 2009, the Minister will announce the Preferred Route and you will be invited to attend further public exhibitions to view the details.

It must be emphasised that the Preferred Route may be one of the proposed route options, a combination of sections from more than one route option or indeed a slightly altered alignment.