August 2016

Stage 3 Scheme Assessment Report

The Stage 3 Scheme Assessment Report is key document in the delivery programme as described by the Department’s Policy and Procedure Guidelines (RSPPG) E030 Major Road Improvement Schemes – Inception to Construction and the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) TD 37/93 Scheme Assessment Reporting.


The primary focus of this report is to describe the engineering aspects of the Proposed Scheme (2016) that inform the Draft Vesting Order, Direction Order, SUPA and Environmental Statement.


The Stage 3 Scheme Assessment Report is divided into two parts; Part 1: Environmental Statement (ES) and Part 2: All other Aspects of Assessment. This report forms Part 2 of the Stage 3 Report and is referred to as the SAR3.


The SAR3 can be viewed and downloaded below.


The Environmental Statement can be viewed and downloaded Here