October 2014

Minister’s Statement – HRA Reports: October 2014

Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy said: “The publication of a report on the Tully Bog Special Area of Conservation represents a further step in a series of consultations.

“I would encourage people to view the report which will be on display at a number of public offices over a six week consultation period starting on Wednesday 15 October.”

During 2014, four reports in all have been developed to consider any impacts on the integrity of all designated environmentally sensitive sites (nine in total) and highlight, where appropriate, proposed mitigation measures.

The first three of these reports were published for consultation on 30 April this year, concluding on 13 June. This latest report relates specifically to the Tully Bog Special Area of Conservation.

Please note that the Consultation period for the Tully Bog Report concluded on 28 November 2014.